Monday, January 23, 2012

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5

Always popular with "power users" for its lightness and its configurable options in detail, NOD32 now in version 5, with some changes made to a virus already mature and well established


NOD32 has always focused on consistent protection, but focused, as G Data on the essential: the protection of files, web traffic and traffic mail / IM. The software works through a course based signature, heuristics and a second heuristic called "advanced" to analyze the behavior of applications.

What's New in NOD32 5? Among the new features of the ESET antivirus, there are two main features rather interesting. The first allows you to create custom rules for the module intrusion prevention (HIPS). You can then specify the steps to be taken (allow, block or ask) for a given application, specifying the file operations (delete, write ...) or application (start, change the status, intercept events) and applications that target or registry keys to include in your rules, you need to make protection for onions to prevent specific operations, such as preventing the application X to edit files in particular, or to access data an application Y. Clearly a feature aimed at "power users" but rather well thought out.

Also new this time allows to define rules for removable devices by filling type, serial number, if any, their suppliers or their size, to allow the use of specific media, while blocking other . Knowing that many threats still spreading via USB, functionality is quite welcome.

Otherwise, NOD32 5.0 essentially adopts several features that are upgrading from its competitors. Thus, the virus takes to turn an analysis technology "cloud", as is often based on information reported by users of the software that have enabled the option. Coupled with a coherent local protection, and so, it is a good complement. The other late but welcome addition is the presence of a game mode to interrupt alerts during the execution of an application in full screen.


NOD32 5.0 continues the momentum of previous versions with a single main interface and pleasant. For the average user, the default behavior of the virus seems relevant enough to not have to venture into the options, and in this case, we have easy access to key features with titles and icons clear .

However, NOD32 was designed primarily for users to profile more advanced than those of Norton Antivirus, the configuration options can appear quite repulsive for a neophyte. In return, NOD32 is an antivirus offering the most customizable options, and advanced users can set the protection to the smallest detail. Note that the GUI users allergic to or users of very small configurations can even opt for the almost total suppression of the graphical interface by opting for an ultra minimalist mode without any icons!


In our tests, NOD32 has fully convinced of its effectiveness. The virus was able to detect almost all downloads or malicious URL which we have submitted, at varying levels: often directly at the URL hosting the malicious file or script, sometimes at the download or the execution of the script.

The virus is also relatively light in memory in analysis but still seems to raise more CPU than many of its competitors during the simultaneous execution of a heavy task. Windows startup is slow, but acceptable proportions (10 seconds).

If it is perhaps not the ideal antivirus for everyone's hands, ESET NOD32 is one of our favorites for advanced users. Fairly light, powerful and fully customizable, it will appeal, like his predecessors, users looking for effective protection and non-intrusive.


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